About Me

Like most girls I was shown the basics of crochet before I started school. By the time, I was about eight I understood people would pay for crochet pieces, many of my mother’s neighbours bought doilies, tablecloths and much more mainly for the home. Crochet clothing had to be lined then, this made it unpopular for most people in the late 1950’s early 1960’s.

In the 1960’s fashion moved into a new era, with fun clothing and bright colours. The drab plain styles in browns, blacks and greys of the older generations went out, in came new fabrics and styles but most of all the wears now had the means to buy these new styles. Tighter fitting, shorter lengthen were much in vogue along with long flowing light garments. These long flowing clothing were given its own name “flower power” these two words sum up the 1960’s explosion of youth lead styles and colours in fashion Mary Quant and Carbide Street became known worldwide for the new movement in fashion.